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Cognitive Dissonance: "Why can't I just eat right and exercise like I know I need to?

Updated: Mar 17

For the past 3.5 months, I have had the pleasure of working out with an amazing trainer. From day 1, I knew he believed in me and saw my true potential. Every week, he coaches and encourages me to reach my goals and abstain from mediocrity.

In lieu of a great, God-fearing trainer, I have only released 24.8 lbs (to date). During the first week with my trainer, I lost 15 lbs, and by the second week, I was down 25 lbs. I’ve seen over 30 lbs be released during the past few months, but nothing more. These results are most certainly not a definitive measure of my trainers competency.

I have a strict, easy-to-follow diet created by my trainer of 1900 calories, consisting of six meals a day. I say “easy-to-follow”, but in reality, I have not seen more results due to my inconsistency in diet compliance. I am more than cognizant that this war with myself takes place on two battlefields – the gym and the kitchen. Trainers, nutritionists, and scientist all agree that the most important battlefield is the kitchen. It would be……… _________________________________________________________________________________ I really hate starting something and not finishing it! I began the above post, but failed to get all of my feelings, emotions, and thoughts out of my head. Since I’m still struggling with this cognitive dissonance, I’m sure I can wrap this up really quick.

I still don’t have the answer. I have a new “plan”, but its February 6, 2015 and haven’t implemented the aspects of the plan. Cognitively, its a perfect plan consisting of intermittent fasting, HIIT, and compound lifting, but I have yet to see the gym this month.

I know that I just have to do it!

I will continue to ponder on why my actions misrepresent my thoughts and will provide an update within two weeks on this matter.

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