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Know Thyself, Heal Thyself

Ezell's Metaphysical Healing Services offer a variety of holistic techniques to healing, including Reiki healing, massages, tarot reading, guided meditation, crystals/gemstones, apothecary, plus many more!



Know Thyself, Heal Thyself

"Ezell's Metaphysical Healing Services are geared toward living a holistically whole life. There is a forbidden knowledge, lost to us through centuries and lifetimes, but never truly forgotten. I, Da PROfessa, creator/owner/operator of this entity is a gifted empath and seeker of Knowledge. My entire life has been crafted and designed for me to operate in my true purpose: to heal; to teach; to inspire. All products and services offered by Metaphysical Healing Services are delivered energetically cleansed and blessed. The intention, motto, and mission of our company is simple: "Change The World, One Person At A Time". Peace & Blessings. Ashe.